Geva and sustainability

As landlords, we aspire to long-term sustainability. As such, we equip buildings to the BREEAM Very Good sustainability rating as standard.

BREEAM “Very Good” 3 star sustainability ratin

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the leading and most widely used method in the world for the measurement and certification of the sustainability performance of projects. In addition to the technical design brief, a number of extra measures are taken to meet certification requirements for the design and completion certificate. These measures include:

  • Sustainability insight based on studies and evidence from the initial design stage;
  • Motion and switch-activated energy-efficient led lighting; Low temperature under-floor heating in the lobbies and offices;
  • A heat pump; Insulated construction;
  • An EPC rating that is 55% higher than that required by building regulations;
  • Metering systems on the installations;
  • Low maintenance design with responsible selection of materials.

For buildings with a surface area of less than 5000 m2, we aim to achieve GPR certification, the Dutch variant of Breeam.


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