About GEVA

The traditional construction process, in which development, design, execution and financing are separated, is an inefficient one. At GEVA, the entire development from design to final product is under one control; we provide an overall package including project management, own financing and quality control. This approach enables us to realise substantial savings both in terms of time and costs.

Our Organisation

Our lean organizational structure with a limited number of hierarchical levels significantly accelerates the decision-making process. Direct contact with customers means they do not have to wait for external advice in critical phases of the decision-making process. We acknowledge that accommodation needs to differ from customer to customer and from company to company. That is why we do not offer a standard product, but create solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Based on a thorough functional, logistic and process-oriented analysis, we make an inventory of the choices of location, technical systems and materials, as well as the construction needs of the customer. Then, working in close consultation, we look for the perfect location, where we will realise a building that has the precise required surface, offers sufficient flexible space and is optimally tailored to the specific product requirements. The building will have representative, modern, architecturally sound facades, taking into account the proper insulation of walls and roof as well as energy-efficient technical systems.

Our knowledge

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the property sector, we are experts in the acquisition of building land, logistics and industrial concepts, structural and architectural solutions.

Based on this expertise and thanks to our extremely professional project coordination team, we can develop and deliver a building in just under 6 months. Naturally, all this is subject to the budgetary limitations of the future lessee and the timely obtaining of planning permission.

We invest in low maintenance costs and deliver 100% service. We retain ownership of our buildings, so that our lessees have only one contact for service, maintenance and extensions during the entire lease term. Want to know more about us? Click here to contact us.



Phonenumber: +31 40 2515267
EMAIL: info@gevavastgoed.nl