High Tech

High tech premises for high tech industries are primarily geared towards the development, production, assembly and distribution of superior innovative products. These buildings are characterised by facilities of a high standard. This includes, amongst others:

  • Cleanrooms (iso1 t&m9);
  • ESD flooring (Electro Static Discharge);
  • Heavy-duty utilities (G-W-E);
  • Storage of hazardous substances (PGS);
  • Anti-static flooring; DEMI water installations;
  • Facilities for the management and transportation of raw materials;
  • Specialist climatological installations;
  • Vibration-free environments;
  • Laboratory environments;
  • Operating theatres;
  • Faraday cages (to block electro-magnetic fields).

Our experienced team of specialists advises, guides, coordinates and creates these premises in accordance with your specific requirements.


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